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If you choose to see everyone is there for you to lose yourself, but nothing feels as good when you're alone. So never let it happen. Don't give into wild currents. Don't believe in callous rituals. I'll always want to carry it all, love, find a way to carry it all for you. If you choose to make something so particular and force its shape then nothing feels as good as the mistake when you let it happen.

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[November, 18th 2017 at 7:18p]
i know this is for lines typically, but i really want to join and am curious as to what faces are wanted for specific lines? i'd rather fill something for someone if i can so please tell me lines and faces you guys have been after!
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[November, 16th 2017 at 8:44p]


heyyyyyyy! 🐻 with me since this might be horrendously short and sweet, but i've got lim jiwon (jay) here. he was born in daejeon to a math teacher mother and a gynecologist father. all together, jay has six siblings (two older sisters, two older brothers and two younger sisters) so there was always something to do, someone to talk to, someone to help while he was growing up. which is a good thing, since jay's naive and curious personality always ended up getting him in trouble when he was younger (lbr it still does). at age eleven, his biological mother passed away from ovarian cancer and a year later his father remarried an american woman whom he'd met on a trip to hawaii. this was the tipping point of jay's resentment towards his father. to this day, jay isn't really too fond of his dad even though his dad tries at every turn to make amends.

following high school graduation, jay left his father, his siblings and his home for the city of angels on a hefty baseball scholarship while earning dual degrees at ucla (mfa in photography, ba in journalism) and working as a personality for buzzfeed at the same time. i have yet to figure out what type of buzzfeeder he was, but i do know that he ended up leaving the company because they don't allow creators to make content outside of buzzfeed and jay wanted to work on his own projects independently. and yes, he has a "why i quit buzzfeed" video. jay also did a stint as the blue knight at medieval times for the last few months he lived in los angeles!

currently, he's working in seoul as a commissioned k-pop photographer with a small bit of fashion on the side. he's worked for big music labels, small music labels, independent models, rap artists, friends, etc. as far as lines go, anything is on the table. people in the same photography circle, one or two people who recognize him from his "why i quit buzzfeed" video (or more embarrassingly from medieval times), an ex from a long distance relationship (m/f), family friends, random hook ups, flings, people he met when he was attending ucla, fellow gym rats, friends to go clubbing with, people he annoys, a roommate, anything.

i have a bit more here if you're interested in reading as well! thank youuuuu.
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[November, 10th 2017 at 6:05p]


hi all! so with a few changes in game i've happened to lose a few of kj's strongest sls. that being said i wanted to put him out there again before i touch up his history to see if anyone is in need of lines he might be able to fill, people able to fill lines for him, or anyone willing to jump into possible plot anything! i have to go back and edit some of the more recent lines i talked out with him (thanks guys!) but for those who might not know he's a 25 year old asst. editor for a children's publishing company, originally from indiana, and has been in seoul since about 2015. kj's proud papa of a poodle, dating [info]parachute and has some friends in [info]pikapika, [info]wino, [info]ppoppo, [info]starboy, [info]soigne, [info]altaria. if i'm forgetting anyone i really do have the most terrible memory sorry! kj can shift back and forth pretty quick between moods but i'm hoping he can get back to being extroverted more often. i'm going to be making rounds with him very soon to pop into his customs where he has them and the like as a part of that. all that being said, if there's anyone interested in filling something or even bringing someone i'd love getting him connected to the likes of: a former roommate, a close childhood friend, a cousin/play-cousin, a former fling, an almost girlfriend from days' past, film buffs, museum and art lovers, lovers of wordgames and similar things. and if something's not mentioned here i'd be more than willing to brainstorm some things up.
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[November, 7th 2017 at 7:22p]


hello!!! this is soo jin, originally from daegu but that's subject to change if there's any childhood lines we can work with here. she's 24 and works as an icu nurse at soonchunhyang university hospital while in school for her msn at snu. she's a bit of a control freak which played a heavy part in her life when it came to her eating disorder she had to overcome growing up, but now she just goes to night group therapy sessions on the dl to help keep her in check because certain things can trigger her but it's nothing too crazy and most people don't even know or can tell. they just think she's a picky eater and tbh she is so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ moving past the dark stuff, she's a pretty fun person who loves to go out and have a good time. she's probably that person in the group that ends disputes and indecisiveness with whatever she wants to do. she's a gardening fanatic and has slight "ajumma" tendencies, especially when she's out protecting her vegetable garden in her frumpy clothes yelling at annoying teenagers who keep stepping on her plants. she's not your typical pretty delicate flowery type girl despite looking like one but she does love her girly things like fashion and runs away crying at pigeons. monica from friends is her true aesthetic meaning she's bossy, organized, competitive in nature and extremely caring having no problem donning the momma role whenever needed.

as for lines, i'd love anything and everything! friends, a roommate, the rachel to her monica, exes/past flings, fwbs, other people still in school that she can complain about homework with, noraebang enthusiasts, aquarium and sea loving buddies, maybe people who ruffle her feathers a bit and vice versa, someone who can get her out of the country, someone to start a leo dicaprio lovers anonymous, someone she spills all her secrets to, kdrama/romcom lovers, the list can go on!
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[November, 7th 2017 at 1:37a]


hi hi hello! since i'm getting closer to finishing him up, i figured it was time to stumble through one of these. so this is zhenyu, a 21 year old originally from beijing but who called a few different places home growing up because his dad is a diplomat and set them on that roving lifestyle path. from 2006 to 2009, his dad was the ambassador to south korea, which is when zhenyu first fell in love with seoul and knew he wanted to return someday. mostly, though, he spent his time in different boarding schools and suffering through that life while trying to make as many friends as possible and being a bit of a troublemaker. eventually, his dream came true, and he got to return to korea three years ago as a student at snu, where he's studying political science. an only child to wealthy parents, he's spoiled in ways he realizes and ways he's still a little blind to, but he tries his hardest to not be a brat. how is that going? i guess we'll all find that out together. he does generally mean well, though, and has a big heart, loves making friends, and being surrounded by people, so he's always down for random conversations. sarcasm and playful banter are right up his alley. and he'll love you even more if you show him pictures of your pets or anyone's pets or animals in general.

so far, [info]wino is a close friend and fellow boarding school sufferer, and he has a friend in [info]walk, who he has known since they were kids, so other lines of all kinds would be super loved! he could use a roommate if anyone is looking for one, and i'm still undecided on a part-time job for him, so if anyone needs a coworker or anything that could work, please lemme know because that would be great! other than that, anyone he met during his first time in seoul who either became friends or maybe even penpals, exes or flings of any gender, maybe an attempt at a more serious relationship that had to deal with zhenyu's flightiness, friends who he's decided are other atla characters, adventure buds, 3 am adventure buds, outdoorsy buds, anything, everything!
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[November, 6th 2017 at 8:27p]


okay, i'm going to post this now before i'm out for the day but this is sebastian teo, he's chinese but born and raised in singapore from an Extremely wealthy family as an only child. his grandfather was a famous surgeon while the other runs a business that his father is now ceo of, so he's definitely never been hurting for money. he's 24 years old, will be 25 on december 14th, and moved to seoul a few years ago because he works out of seoul most consistently and desperately needed to get away from his mother who loves him but smothers him a little bit. i'm just adding this part in but i THINK that he'll just be moving into the building so that people can get to know him now if you don't want to have something going on from the past! i think it'll be fun that way. he works as a fairly successful model, he's even been featured in vogue korea a time or two but he's not snotty about it. he's genuinely a pretty decent guy and when he's not decent he's trying at least. he's extremely generous but a little out of touch when it comes to money because his mother still insists on paying for his apartment/car/utilities so that he can "save money for his future" and whatnot. he briefly went to school in new york city at columbia university but he didn't finish because he started to model and figured it was a waste of time. his father's still a little angry about that, but seeing as he rarely sees him, it's not that big a deal. his mother was "not angry, i'm just disappointed" which sucks in any culture. some smaller details are subject to change because i wrote his information at butt at night and may have messed something up, but nothing that really matters!

as far as lines, he could really use anything. right now his only real connection is [info]noodles because their families know one another, i believe, and he's helped eric get his foot in the door as far as modeling goes. people he's worked with in the past, people who recognize him from magazines and ad campaigns and were maybe surprised when he blushed like crazy, friends, neighbors, literally anything you can think of, we'll make it work
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[November, 6th 2017 at 5:13p]


hello everyone! this is suzu, a 22 year old japanese transplant who's only been living in seoul for about two years. before that she mostly spent the previous couple of years couch surfing around japan, hanging with friends and exploring as much as she wanted to. currently she works at the hello kitty cafe and lives with her bff ([info]pocket). personality wise she's pretty outspoken, a big social butterfly despite the fact she can come off rude and too honest sometimes she is a genuinely great friend to anyone who's nice to her or the people she already trusts and cares about.

so far she does have a foodie friend in [info]hwajeon but i'd love to find some more new friends for her since she moved to the city, coworkers if possible, maybe some distant cousin who didn't shun her, ex girlfriends, even acquaintances would be great! we can always brainstorm something magical if none of this works.
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