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If you choose to see everyone is there for you to lose yourself, but nothing feels as good when you're alone. So never let it happen. Don't give into wild currents. Don't believe in callous rituals. I'll always want to carry it all, love, find a way to carry it all for you. If you choose to make something so particular and force its shape then nothing feels as good as the mistake when you let it happen.

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[August, 12th 2017 at 1:25p]


hi! i hope to bring this fellow into this lovey community and would adore some lines! this is theodore kim, a 29 year old chef at Pierre Gagnaire à Séoul. he was raised in the U.K. until he was fourteen when his father decided to get the family back to their roots and requested a transfer to seoul. so he's been around for a while, and pretty much has lived in the building his entire adult life.

as far as personality, he's a sweetheart who craves comfort and closeness - and he'll take it how he can get it. he enjoys hugs and you'll rarely see him without a smile. he had a normal upbringing and is an open book. he's very friendly, even if he isn't always the most social. if you speak to him, he'll speak to you and he absolutely hates having enemies.

as far as lines, he needs everything. childhood friends, exes of either gender, people willing to be taste testers, crushes, coworkers, or people with any sort of history. if you can't think of anything, im sure we can work something out! it can be anything from their post getting switched to falling all ove reah other (baby boy is tall), or perhaps ER staff since he's a bit of a klutz and he's sure to have been treated for burns and cuts.

im so excited to play so please, let's work something out!
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[August, 9th 2017 at 12:28p]


hiii! since i had an idea for her i thought i'd work on getting possible lines while i bedazzle things. this is amy. she's is going to be 22ish and originally from either cape cod or martha's vineyard. think rich new england-y beach homes and there you have her. her ceo father split with her gynecologist mother when she was fairly young, but they were both well off so no matter where she went she was well off. she visited her dad in seoul, where he moved, many summers and some holidays so she was there a good amount through her childhood and teen years. she has many siblings spread out over the world which is beneficial because it allows her to visit places like london, paris, or maui. she IS a spoiled sort and doesn't understand why the world doesn't just give her the things she wants all the time? so when people do give her things or offer to pay she figures it makes sense. she's a princess in that respect and kind of nerdy in other respects. she loves freaking out about game of thrones, doctor who, sherlock, etc. she'll get the shirts and memorabilia. she's very flighty with romance. she enjoys being physical and casual. she inspired nelly furtado's maneater a bit! and is also that obnoxious girl that'll get drunk and make out with other girls at parties. career wise she loves stabbing people with needles! she trained to be a phlebotomist so basically she wants to suck your blood and will probably comment to people that they have nice veins. she could use everything! messier the better! flings, stabbing victims, drunken gal kisses, people who want to buy her things, people who want to shove her down an elevator shaft. whatever works! lets brainstorm something weird.
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updated, sorry! [August, 8th 2017 at 11:54p]


hello! i'm sure that everyone is asleep by now, but i just wanted to post in here before i got things completely situated with this dude. this is cameron hwang, a fairly recent transplant (maybe three years-ish?) from new orleans, previously hidden deep within the depths of his mom's basement and even more previous, a born-in resident of gangnam. freshly kicked out and on his own, cameron managed to dip into his savings in order to move to seoul to ~find himself~ and his chaebol father. once he grew his roots, he was quick to scoop the first job that was offered to him, so he's currently a part-time face feeler for a big south korean skin care company (i'm not sure which one yet? maybe innisfree or etude house? nature republic?) soooo basically what he does is he tests out the effectiveness of certain products be it lotions, cleansers, razors, etc using his fingers. on the side, he attends snu as a business major and occasionally models for ceci magazine. i'm still thinking about what else to do with him, but if he could fill anything that would be awesome!

he needs anything atm like friends from the states, exes of either gender, a roommate, neighbors, pen-pals, someone he spoils with free products, maybe someone who knows his father and his side of the family, whatever! i'm always up for brainstorming as well so if you have any ideas, let me know and i'll make an ooc for you
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[August, 7th 2017 at 5:19a]


hi hello! before i get his bio finished up i wanted to come in and see if anyone is interested in a line with him! this is haruki matsuo, or haru, a 22 year old originally born and raised in osaka. his parents divorced while he was young, and eventually his mother moved to seoul to be with her new husband. this meant a lot of time was spent visiting there, and haruki became fluent quite quickly. he's always been a troublemaker, but his most recent trouble to date was being expelled from his japanese high school and forced to move over to live with his mother and step father, who were both far more strict. the changes in schools and living environment only caused him to further stir up trouble, and the struggle to graduate was very real. right now he's working as a part-time model... and a part time barista. personality wise, he's very much a sarcastic, slightly bitchy, no nonsense kind of guy. he doesn't hold his tongue for anyone, and his bark is much bigger than his bite. despite the bitchiness, he loves meeting new people and making friends as long as they aren't too sensitive or take the things he jokes about to heart.

as for lines, i'd love everything and anything (helpful, i know) but i really would! so far he knows [info]soigne as a friend from high school, and is co-workers at the cafe with [info]banchan. a roommate would be awesome, i'd definitely love some ex boyfriends or girlfriends, ex-hookups maybe still in a fwb type of situation, some people who befriended him when he transferred schools and had to be "the new kid" even though he was kind of a dick? any family members would be awesome, or if your character is in need of a line feel free to ask! he needs some fellow troublemakers to hang out with, other people who give zero fucks, people who don't mind his crude humor, people who want to learn/practice their japanese, people he can game with, people who can't stand him lmao, the list is endless!
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[August, 6th 2017 at 1:15a]


hello hello! i plan on bringing in this guy and i'd love any lines for him. this is shawn choi, 24 years old, born in san diego but moved to seoul when he was 10 because of his dad's work (he works as a tv producer). both his parents have creative jobs so naturally he loves anything artistic and expressive; his main love is writing, particularly short horror stories and the like. he studied psychology but isn't doing anything with it right now; he juggles a few part time jobs including fried chicken delivery guy (he loves his scooter) and boring clerical work. thankfully his parents are way too cool and support his artistic dreams, though he's grown more cynical about making his dream of writing for a living a reality. personality wise, he can be a bit shy and sometimes stand-offish. he lacks some social gracefulness but he tries his best to be pleasant when he remembers.

i'd love any kind of lines as i have nothing for him now. some childhood/close friends, old flings, fellow artist buddies to lament with, horror buffs, a roommate, one of his regulars on his delivery days, cousins, maybe someone for fun and awkward interactions with that he is perpetually afraid of running into but of course does all the time. i don't know, anything works and i'm up for brainstorming!
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[August, 4th 2017 at 8:30p]


han 2.0! han in a nutshell is still the 4d alien boy from a small city by the sea some of you might be familiar with. though with some slight changes, he's a socially awkward and spacey kind of guy who loves to take photographs and play video games. he disappeared for a bit to do a residency with a photographer, was featured in a gallery showing, and is now coping with his newfound fame as an actual it boy photographer. he's into weird shit like aliens and existential questions, aesthetic things like marble and iced coffee, conspiracy theories, and instagram. he also works part time at the nearby 24/7 convenience store looking like a sleepy tibetan fox.

onto lines! anyone who knows his high school best friend 4 lyfe tae [info]altaria has at least heard of him, so please be his friend. hopefully has returning lines with [info]pikapika [info]senpai [info]uyu [info]twinkle [info]kanga and any others i'm forgetting forgive me?! he is in dire need of some artsy friends who run in the same circle as him to save him in social situations, people who entertain his weirdo conspiracy and philosophical talk, chatty types to draw him out of his shell, quiet types to bond with, and customs to tend to in general.
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[August, 4th 2017 at 8:31p]


hey hey guess who's back? this is taewon or tae to his friends! he's a twenty-two year old receptionist at bear & bumblebee, currently enjoying summer before he starts his masters in social work. sweet, ultra social, a teeny tiny bit of a brat when you get to know him. he can be a little bit of an airhead and is way too much of a romantic, but he tries his best! loves eating, playing cute phone games, dogs and karaoke. he could use good friends, fellow seoul natives, classmates from college, people with dogs he can con into letting him dogsit, people to eat with, exes he's friendly with, an ex who's not to fond of him, past hookups from after the end of his last relationship, shiny lines with anyone who came after tae 1.0!!!
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